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Re: Great new version!! But New user email password “still” does not work : (

Mike Pratt


@jfigura being a dick is probably not going to get you all the help you need and we are all attempting to give. DJPaul is fond of playiing moderator :-)

There are only 2 people with commit autorization and if you think @apeatling and @jjj are the only ones contributing and helping people, you are sorely mistaken.

I just re-read all of your posts and nowhere did you mention info like @hnla did above…for example, everything works well in the no blog creation scenario but breaks when blogs are allowed to be created. Now we have something to help us try and re-create the problem. You said “IF” it does. We have repeatedly told you that it is NOT supposed to (nor has it in any of my installs) Now, I believe you when you state that it’s happening to you. So we’re trying to get your install to the point where you DON’T get the email from WP with the password. Given the overwhelming majority of users do not get the email, wouldn’t it be easier to get to the root of your problem, than to create a hack for just your case? Odds are you have a setting wrong or something we are not aware of (either that or there’s a massive bug and the rest of us are just plain lucky we don’t get the confusing email!)

If you’d rather, we can stop pouring over the code base to see what might be causing your issue (since we’re not on the dev team and all)

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