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Re: Great new version!! But New user email password “still” does not work : (



“@jfigura being a dick is probably not going to get you all the help you need and we are all attempting to give. DJPaul is fond of playing moderator :-)

Excuse me? You have given no help other than to misread my posts, accuse me of debating something I am not, and now you your professional attitude is to call me a “dick”? – who is “we all” – Who has given something to troubleshoot or to look at? What HAS been stated here is how to make it go away but that it doesn’t help to solve testing issues. Yet no one has come back asking anyone here to do anything to test, especially you.

People who use names like that are usually representing how they ultimately see themselves, and it’s real apparent that the only “dick” on the thread right now is yourself.

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