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Re: Great new version!! But New user email password “still” does not work : (

Mike Pratt


Let’s move on to solving your problem, shall we? Everyone here is trying to help you. We are not misreading your posts (as evidenced by jjj’s reply – he’s part of “we”) We have given you things to look at but continue to have to ask questions to nail down your specific case. The bandaid solutions are not what we’re after but we are trying to figure out what combinations of settings might be tripping this behavior on your install. Yes, asking all these questions is a part of “helping” It’s not merely the eureka solution you expect (which also counts as “helping”)

Are you experiencing this on a clean 1.2, wpmu 2.9.1 (if not, that’s a suggestion to test) install with no plugins (esp the email related ones out there?) Are you experiencing it with blog creation on? off? Is this a sub-directory or sub-domain install? After this we might be able to reproduce. But if we can’t, then we have to continue to ask questions to see what it is you might have set differently.

Oh, and I promise to work on my self-image projection issues. :-)

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