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Re: Group and forum problems…


hmmm… any ideas?

What tables there should be in the database when using buddypress+wpmu+bbpress?

I noticed that i don’t have any table for bp-forums. It was mentioned in some topic here to check out the bp_forums table (not the same problem as mine though) and I just checked tables and noticed that one is actually missing.

How that can be? I have not deleted it. And forums worked fine some time ago, but now they don’t. Before this problem I was able to create new groups in BP and they was created to bbforums as well. Now I can create new groups too, but bbpress doesn’t find them. I can post a new topic and reply posts in bbpress, but not in BP forums.

If I try to post a new topic or reply I get a red error message: “There was an error posting that topic.”

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