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Re: Group and forum problems…


up, up… :)

Any helping hints, please?

I have a feeling I’ve just done something wrong and that’s why i’m having these error messages…

But i’m a little bit confused because forums and groups worked fine for a while and then they don’t. I didn’t change the code expect my own theme’s css. I changed default theme back, but still not working.. :( And own theme worked fine before too.

I got someone to look at the code and the error messages and he said something like there’s no error in the database, but I get the SQL error because the site is trying to make database query with a broken code.

now it was:

´SELECT count(id) FROM WHERE item_id = 1´

and he said it should be:

´SELECT count(id) FROM <TABLE_NAME> WHERE item_id = 1´

He also said that some variable that has that table’s name is missing… Or something like that.

I’m not very familiar with SQL so… and know only php basics…

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