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Re: Group Blog



I’m trying to integrate the P2 theme. If you use P2 as the group blog theme it works fine, although you may want to customize the layout etc. to bring it into the BP environment.

But I’d like to use the ajaxified microblogging interface on the group homepage (template /groups/single/home.php). I’ve figured out how to get P2 post form there, but Ajax is broken and all posts end up on the main blog.

I guess the problem is the URL of the page where it’s send from doesn’t match the blog. For example, the group blog home is here:

http ://

and the associated group blog is here:

http ://

Is there a way to tell the script to treat data from the post form on …/groups/testgroup as if it is coming from …/testblog? And …/testblog should of course be some kind of tag, like bp_the_site_blog_link() (?) that enters the correct associated blog_url into the process.

Or is there another approach?

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