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Re: Group Blog for BP1.2 is now available

Mike Pratt


expanding on @peter’s view. My personal objective is merely to give a more deliberate, extensive posting mechanism to Groups. Forums are great but they are for raising and issues and starting a discussion. Sort of a quicker, more crude method when compared to a full length blog-type post (in fact, I am tiring of the over-use of the word ‘blog’ here are my users don’t need that term confusing everything)

So all group members, according to their admin set permissions, will be able to do rich postings in the group (keeping things topically relevant) Group members will be able to comment, etc.

To that end, front-end posting will be a big boon as most members will appreciate the simplicity and non-confusing interface. I plan on making it yet antother template view within the group structure…as if you never left.

Finally, I will make use of either categories and/or tags to allow grouop members to browse and find postings that are important to them.

Keep up the good work, this is a “most excellent start, coder dude” (paraphrasing Bill & Ted!!)

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