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Re: Group Blog for BP1.2 is now available



I think that I am doing something wrong as it does not seem to be working for me.

On my site

I had a group called ‘public test group’ which was already active. I then installed the group blogs today for ‘public test group’.

It said that it installed correctly, however, I get an error when visiting the blog link:


notice the first blog is there, but it does not work, looks like the url is trying to go to:

My best guess, is that something is going wrong because I am creating a blog for a group from a subdomain?

My basic setup is easy:

1. I have wpmu/bp installed so that I can put all my client sites on one install. Makes updating wp/bp/plugins easy, so that I only have to update in one place.

2. I give all of my customers a subdomain off the main blog, and then let them use domain mapping.

Is there something I need to change somewhere to fix this?


also, I use a child-theme. What is the folder structure that I need to add to my child theme in order to theme the group blog accordingly?

do I just create a folder called bp-groupblog in my child-theme and place the modified files in there?

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