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Re: Group Blog for BP1.2 is now available



I actually do run my business from the root domain.

1.customer goes to to register and signup for a site.

2. customer is given a blog which I domain mapp to their own domain

That is normal wp operation.

Where it gets sticky:

1. customer whose site is actually turns on group blogs and tries to create one…. that creates

see the problem?

It’s pretty much the exact same type of situation that does.

1. I go to and register my site,

2. If they had group blogs, I would go in and create one, it would create

I hope this makes it clearer, how I am actually doing what wpmu was intended to do. I run everything off of the root domain, so every customer is

The only ‘solution’ I see without having wpmu fixed, would be to give complete fresh installs of wpmu to each client, so they are actually on a instead of a subdomain.

That completely kills the entire concept of wpmu (one codebase for me to maintain). I would have to maintain all the installs separately, which would suck bigtime.

Anyhow, it is not an error with your plugin, but rather an error with wpmu core. I posted question in their forums, and if I can find the ticket system for mu I will report it as well.

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