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Re: Group Blog for BP1.2 is now available



going through cleaning up my server logs and noticed the following:

Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in /wp-content/plugins/bp-groupblog/bp-groupblog.php on line 355
Notice: Undefined index: default-administrator in /wp-content/plugins/bp-groupblog/bp-groupblog.php on line 361
Notice: Undefined index: default-moderator in /wp-content/plugins/bp-groupblog/bp-groupblog.php on line 362
Notice: Undefined index: default-member in /wp-content/plugins/bp-groupblog/bp-groupblog.php on line 363
Notice: Undefined index: group_id in /wp-content/plugins/bp-groupblog/bp-groupblog.php on line 364
Notice: Undefined index: groupblog-silent-add in /wp-content/plugins/bp-groupblog/bp-groupblog.php on line 365

also, very strange problem that just popped up. I did disable every plugin to make sure it was not the issue, but did not help. I tried it on the default bp template, as well as my own.

notice that there is no title to the article nor is there anything in the ‘page’ icon.

I think ‘the_title’ is not passing through properly but it does pass through on the blog activity below the blog page.. very very strange, as it used to work, and nothing changed that I know of….

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