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Re: group creation error: Are you sure you want to do this?



Digging into the database I see something really weird going on when I try to create a group.

When I get to the avatar step I mentioned above, where there is no avatar to crop only the next/previous buttons, It shows the group as already created.


in the database table wp_bp_groups it is creating 2 new rows when a group is created

1. shows the proper name/description/creation time etc..

2. there is another group id 1# higher than the created one, with no information in the db table and the date created shows all zero’s.

I can’t imagine it’s supposed to be doing this, creating 2 rows int he db, 1 being all blank.

Also I notice the the forums table is not being updated, so there is no new group forum being created.

Finally I tried to create a group with no forum associated, but still end up with the same problem. When I click on next, I get the following:

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