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Re: Group Forum Integration

Burt Adsit


Chad. On the bp side that’s what it would say in the admin area if it’s working. You got back what it should show. Your installation and configuration passes a couple of tests.

1) bp is talking to bbpress. Your configuration url, username and password were recognized by bbpress as valid. What it doesn’t check is the role that the user in bbpress plays. It has to be an ‘administrator’ role in bbpress to allow forum creation. Anything less will fail on the bp side with the usual cryptic error message. Make sure your ‘connection’ user has the proper role.

2) xmlrpc is working between the two applications. This is good.

What I don’t understand about your situation is that you say that the problem is intermittent. If it works once then it should work every time if nothing has changed in your configuration between posts.

Are bp and bbpress installed on the same server? Asking to see if anything could interrupt the communications channel between the two.

When testing posts, are you using the same or different users?

When testing are you using the same group forum to test things?

When testing do you create a group and have the ‘enable forums’ checkbox checked so that the group and the forum are created at the same time? Or do you go in afterward and enable the forum after group creation?

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