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Re: Group forums not working (again)



This might sound silly but, here’s what I would do (after backing everything up). Leave your bb-config file. Delete everything else in the forums directory. Upload alpha 6. Then, upload bbPress 1. Don’t DELETE alpha 6. Just overwrite it. I’ve been messing with this upgrade for a couple of days now and if I delete/replace, the update doesn’t work. If I overwrite, it does work. Seems as though there’s a file that’s been removed from the new version that buddypress looks for.

If that doesn’t work…..

I’m wondering if your upgrade actually upgraded. The way I do the update is, I rename bb-config to something like bb-config2. Then I replace the files in the forums directory & navigate to /forums. It asks for your database info & then says “oh. There’s already a database. Maybe you want to use the upgrade script” You click the upgrade link and it does a couple changes and says it’s done. Then, I open up the newly created bb-config & (using the OLD bb-config) I put back any of the custom codes that I need such as the cookies & defines.

I hope something in there helps. =D

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