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Re: Group forums not working? On a DV?

Burt Adsit


@gogoplata We may have the same host but are you on the Grid Server? Isn’t that shared? Talk to mt and explain the exact problem.

OK. About the debugging. Gotta go pull up those files again and figure out what I did. I pulled the debug stuff out of some of them. Lemme go find that stuff and I’ll brb.

OK. In bp forums code it winds up calling:

discover_pingback_server_uri($url, $deprecated = 2048) which is in /wp-includes/comment.php

In that function it calls:

wp_remote_get( $url, array( ‘timeout’ => 10, ‘httpversion’ => ‘1.1’ ) );

Which is a new mu 2.7 thing and it lives in: /wp-includes/http.php

That call finally resolves down to something low level in the WP_Http class which is the function:

function request( $url, $args = array() )

at line 261 is the selected transport mechanism obj making another low level call.

This is the end of that request() function where I have some debug code.

$response = array( ‘headers’ => array(), ‘body’ => ”, ‘response’ => array(‘code’, ‘message’) );

foreach( (array) $transports as $transport ) {

$response = $transport->request($url, $r);

if( !is_wp_error($response) )

//global $burt; if($burt) {echo ‘TRANS:’; var_dump($response); die();}

return $response;


return $response;


This call is evidently used alot so I have that global there because I only want to trigger var_dump() when I’m going out looking for a pingback url which is what going in to the groups area does with the forums component turned on.

(pausing for breath…)

Up in comment.php I have a toggle for the $burt var. (I love that var). Line number 1249/1250 is this:

//global $burt; $burt=true;

$response = wp_remote_get( $url, array( ‘timeout’ => 10, ‘httpversion’ => ‘1.1’ ) );

Insert your fav var name there and in http.php and it only triggers when discover ping back whatever the hell it is, is called.

Remember you asked.

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