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Re: Group forums not working? On a DV?

John James Jacoby


Haha I used one of my three wishes to make it work, so I’ve got two left. Burt is my genie. :D

First things first. You need to use WPMU 2.7, BuddyPress RC1, and bbPress 1.0alpha6. Any other combination will result in a giant stress headache on your behalf for at least a few days.

To address part 1: When you say that you haven’t gotten the forums to work flawlessly, are you speaking of integration, or alone? Obviously the first thing we need to have is a fully functioning bbPress installation before we can attempt to integrate them together.

To address part 2: That is bizarre. When you say closed, do you mean the topic is marked as closed, or that when you submit the post that it just refreshes the page immediately back to the main front page?

The BuddyPress forums are currently running the most stable version of bbPress in the 0.9 branch. The alpha’s have gone through some growing pains in the past few months, mostly due to pressure to make integration work with the rapidly changing updates. bbPress and BuddyPress are both going to get some major super mega awesome momentum this year however, so the next few weeks are going to be pretty fun. :D

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