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Re: Group forums not working? On a DV?

Chad Holden


John, I am using the VERSIONS of software that you suggested already and thought I had it working and was pretty excited until I ran into point 2.

Point 1 : The same exact thing is happening when I ONLY use the forum part. I can create as many forums as I want, but any topic I post goes straight to a “This topic has been closed >> Back to …” no other message.

I suppose this also addresses point #2.

When you say that there will be a lot of action in the bbpress and buddypress realm, do you know this for a fact? Is this insider information? I want to use this for another client project that just came up, but cant do so until all bugs are worked out and the installation is more integrated.

Thanks John and Burt for thinking about this one.

I’m actually a bit fuzzy on what you mean by Deep integration Burt.

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