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Re: Group forums not working? On a DV?

Burt Adsit


@stix1972 No it has nothing to do with apache config in any way. The communications between bbpress and buddypress are xmlrpc. That’s why Andy has us flipping switches in bbpress for xmlrpc and pingbacks. Apache is not involved.

The php curl library is what’s being used to find a link between bbpress and buddypress. This may not affect everyone. Matter of fact the xmlrpc stuff in wp and bbpress has 5 different ways of establishing a connection. It tries the curl method first. If curl is enabled on your site then it uses it.

My problem wasn’t with the curl library. It was working fine doing what it was supposed to do. My problem was that my server, which I’m supposed to know how to config because I’m the sysadmin for it, was not configured to enable php to go out and do low level stuff based on the settings in the /etc/hosts file.

Does that make any sense?

Group forums wasn’t working and I knew I had it configured correctly. Then I went looking for a different reason. I knew the code was ok because it worked for other people just fine. I debugged down to find out the exact error that was causing a problem then tracked it down to the curl lib not being able to resolve the correct ip address.

It was something in my environment other than bp and bbpress. The hosts file was it.

If forums aren’t working for you then this might be the problem. Then again it might not. This setup between bp and bbpress depends on so many factors being right, it’s a miracle it works at all. I’m guessing that’s one reason xmlrpc has 5 different ways of talking. Never know what environment it’s gonna run in.

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