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Re: Group forums working yet not working

Burt Adsit


I think that what we are experiencing here is an apache phenomenon.

We can’t all be setting this up improperly. Besides, I’ve got it working on a windows dev server just fine. It’s running the same vers of all 3 software components. bp, bb, mu. Same.

I’m telling you people that when I dig down in the bowels of the code the reason that things are failing is wp_remote_get(‘your_very_own_url_to_bbpress’). It’s returning 404 and nothing happens after that. Well, things happen happily along as usual but everything above that just can’t work without that ‘pingback uri’ that it is looking for.

So why is a valid url for the bbpress root returning 404? Apache and it’s wonderful .htaccess files control that response. If following it’s internal .htaccess rules that exist in the mu root and the bbpress root, if it decides that what you are requesting doesn’t exist, then it just plain doesn’t. To apache. Returns 404.

I don’t know how anyone else has bbpress installed but mine is like so:

mu root =

bbpress root =

The .htaccess conditions and rules in mu dir get processed first. Then the ones in the bbpress dir get looked at.

HANGON: gotta run go do something but i’m hitting ‘save’ first. brb

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