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Re: Group Plugins



I’ve decided on a killer app for my new site. A Google Events Calendar for BP groups. Essentially, I want to have the group admin create a Google Calendar that sits on the group “home page.” The admin can create/edit events and invite attendees.

This can be done now through Google Calendar and embedded in any site. (it’s broken at the moment, but it works).

What I’m looking for is a plugin that uses the Google Calendar API to use group member email to invite group members via Buddypress and accept and track their RSVPs via Buddypress.

Users get all the benefits/upgrades to Google Calendar and we don’t have to reinvent the wheel (No offense to the BP calendar being created)

The Google Calendar projects on .org seem a bit dead, but I’m hoping someone here sees the benefit in the BP context. I’ll of course do it myself eventually, but I’m still working on the basics of the site at the moment and I’m NOT a programmer (just a problem solver who wants to get something done)

I’d at least like to know if someone else is taking this on so we can either colloborate or at least not duplicate work.

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