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Re: Group Wiki Plugin (not a release, but in progress)

D Cartwright



Which other plugin are you talking about? Wikiwp looks like it could be something interesting to look at as a base…which I’ll do today. I’m not sure that modifying to it fit our spec will be any easier than the other approaches we’ve talked about though.


I’m sure everyone here will understand that I have to work to the requirements of the project first and foremost. All of us here are being paid to do this work and a late delivery would be a serious problem. Anyone ‘enlisted’ on this site would be a volunteer so it would be unreasonable to expect the same kind of full-time hours/timeframe from them.

I would love to do this ‘properly’ from the start but sadly we need to get something that works out of the door fairly quickly, even if it isn’t perfect in our eyes.

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