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Re: Group Wiki Plugin (not a release, but in progress)

Boone Gorges


Something like wp-wiki is limited in a couple ways:

1) It doesn’t have ready-made discussion pages

2) It doesn’t make the page history public

For many uses of a group wiki, neither of these is necessary. But a full-featured BP wiki plugin will have both.

I think (1) can be cobbled together without too much difficulty, either through the creation of a parallel post for each wp-wiki enabled post (an attractive solution, because the discussion page can be wiki-enabled too) or through the use of comments (attractive in its own way, as the metadata is already in place, and you might be able to leverage something like CommentPress.

Feature (2) is a bit more complicated, because wp-wiki uses page revisions for versioning. You’d have to move them out of the Dashboard and built analogs for “cur” and “diff” for it to be really useful and wiki-ish.

Like D Cartwright says, it’s likely that making wp-wiki work will require as much development time as starting with a full-fledged wiki and making it work with BP. There’s probably a real market for both solutions, since a simple BP plugin will be very easy to use for beginners, while power users might want the functionality of MediaWiki

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