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Re: Group Wiki Plugin (not a release, but in progress)

D Cartwright



No worries. I would love to be involved in a project similar to your suggestion – so perhaps it’s something we can run parallel :)

@Boone Gorges

It’s looking like we’ll be going that route for now. I think we’re likely to end up with something far more useful (to start with) but I agree – there is definitely a call for a basic wiki plugin and something more fully-fledged…I’d like to be involved with the development of both :p

If you would like to chat about the development we did with mediwiki sometime I’d be happy to go through it with you and provide the partial code. It might be enough to provide a spark of interest/development attention from people. I will warn you that it’s in an awful state though – it’s just me playing with things and trying to get a rough solution working before later refining.

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