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Re: Group Wiki Plugin (not a release, but in progress)

D Cartwright



We’re using mediawiki at the moment. I was considering just creating a basic wiki from scratch (as I belive it would be a similar amount of work and achieve a better result) but other people involved in the project thought it was best to stick with the already partially integrated mediawiki due to the time constraints on the project… Which is fair enough, we’re running in quite a tight timeframe.


The reason we’ve gone for fck is that it’s available as a plugin to mediawiki already. It wouldn’t be my first choice if it weren’t for that.

Unfortunately there are a lot of constraints on what we can do due to limited time and work-based politics. We’ve had to fight hard to not be stuck using Confluence wiki within Blackboard, despite the fact that the student take up in just 4 months has literally been 300 times greater in our first Buddypress system compared to a similar attempt using Blackboard. (changed wording a little to make it slightly more anonymous)

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