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Re: Group Wiki Plugin (not a release, but in progress)

D Cartwright


Just thought I’d give people an update.

1) As discussed, we moved to making use of inbuilt wordpress functions as much as possible and hence avoid the nightmare of trying to make mediawiki work in a way that is ‘nice’ with buddypress.

2) We’ve taken inspiration from the following plugins: front-end-editor, bp-groupblog and wp-wiki. We currently aren’t using any of the code from these, but many thanks to the authors of these plugins for their very informative code.

3) Work is progressing very nicely. Sadly we probably won’t have a working beta before xmas but I’m going to post up a few screenshots next week with some luck. In the meantime, here are two to whet your appetite slightly:

Group Wiki Create Screen

Group Wiki Home Screen

Please note: Our designer hasn’t re-styled these pages yet so bits of it look quite rough. Apologies about that. Functionality-wise we’re probably about 50% of the way there, with a few placeholders here and there until we can finish things.

Any thoughts? I realise that there isn’t exactly much to go on at the moment :) I should also probably again mention that we were looking for quite a simple wiki plugin for our students, not a fully blown wiki system…

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