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Re: Groupblog v1.3 (Adding members instantly) – Thanks Boone

Hi Marius – I have a question. I just uploaded a fresh copy of Groupblog, deactivated the plug-in, reactivated it and then went to check it on the site. I’m seeing the groupblog content inserted on the group home page – I had created two posts prior to the upgrade which are still visible, but when I click the “blog” link in the menu, I get a page not found error.

I thought maybe I had to move the page templates into my theme but that didn’t change anything.

If you want to take a look, you can hit the group directly with this link.

It’s the “Blog” link in the tabbed menu at the top of the content area that’s causing me the trouble, even tho clearly the plug-in is inserting the groupblog data in the areas below it.

PLEASE NOTE: That site is full of dummy data to make development easier. If necessary, you can create an account if it helps. I have that enabled.

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