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Re: Groups and Members Pages not working, Letterlist unstyled



Hey John, Im running locally right now, but What happened was I updated to latest branch of WPMU, and latest trunk of BP.

what happened was all pages displayed, but Members and groups did not display properly

according to the source code (ala firebug) the directories css file was not being loaded, therefore my “directories” were not styled properly making the letterlist run down the page the search ran into the groups and all sorts of bad things.

I then checked the loader.php file to see if directories.css was being called, and it in fact wasnt so I added it to the list of css files to be called.

after I did that everything displayed properly except that the width of the sidebar and main column was only about 3/4 across the page so I gave #main a width of 100% percent and now everything looks right except…

header.php that is called is stored in bp memebers which is a different header then the one I have in bp-home, Is there a way I can specifically call the bp-home header within the bp-memeberdirectories/groups/index.php and bp-memeber/directories/memebers/index.php

I hope that is clear enough thanks for the help

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