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Re: Groups busted in trunk 504?

Burt Adsit


Ok the saga continues. I turned on the bp home theme and now I see that I don’t have any members. Am I not a member? I can play in my profile. I created a new wpmu blog under a new username ‘becky’. becky can edit her profile but her blog doesn’t show up under ‘my blogs’. This is driving me nuts.

becky can create a blog through bp and it shows up in ‘my blogs’. Let me guess. I’m missing something. Am I the only one who doesn’t get this bp behavior? becky is the admin of both blogs in wpmu. wpmu is happy with becky.

Since becky created a blog through bp, bp is now happy with becky. She’s a member now in the listing.

I created a blog as admin in wpmu. My new wpmu created blog shows up in ‘my-blogs’ but becky’s didn’t. bp still doesn’t seem to think I’m a member even though it likes my newly created wpmu blog.


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