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Re: Groups busted in trunk 504?

Burt Adsit


On another note if I try to access I get a little notification screen that tells me I need to put plugin-template.php and plugin-sidebar.php into my theme dir. I found these in the buddypress-home dir. Putting these in the appropriate theme folder gets rid of the error msg but doesn’t get me anything.

All I get is a wp page with the permalink

Once again, changing my permalink from to ‘registering-and-membership’ solves the prob. Now I get the member directory wonderfully sandwiched between my theme header and footer. However, it still says 404 in the FF tab and no actual members are listed. I get the abc’s, search box and a h2 Members title header. Nothing else. I’m gonna turn on the bp home theme and see what havoc I can cause with that.

Is this a blown regex in wpmu .htaccess rewrite rules or bp hijacking behavior? I haven’t modded the .htaccess rewrite rules at all. It’s exactly what wpmu installs.

Glad you showed up so early?

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