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Re: Groups Create The Forum Categories? Weird.



yeah, the “Forum” / “Forums” and posting is very confusing. I guess this way the Forums will be under-utilized by users, although a Discussion-Forum is one of the most important features for a Social-Networking website.

When you come to the point of having the need to explain the average user how your website works, then the website is crap and will never get any users signing-up. I saw many BP-websites which have videos in order to explain the use of the website.

Keep things as simple as possible, so that a user will understand how to navigate your website without having the need of watching 5 videos at which you explain how to navigate.

I would suggest to re-design the Forums-page in order to make it easier for users to understand how Group-Forums work and also make the posting-process a lot easier.

see this:

from the concept a little similar to this:

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