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Re: Groups Create The Forum Categories? Weird.

Mike Pratt



I think you’re looking at this from the wrong perspective. BP is not so much about forums as it is about groups….that happen to have forums. That’s on purpose. If you want to crate a site that’s just a big forum with some sub-categorization then you already have the tools (style your own bbPress) to do that. BP lets a community of users create topically organized “groups” and aggregate content and activity around that group. The forum part is just one component of that. Soon, media, events – you name it – will all be a part of that group collective. With activity stream commenting, Andy is merely opening up avenues to add to those topical constructs from all over the site. The forums view that was added recently, imo, is more of a throwback to traditional bb styling that appeased the old way of interacting and helped make the transition smoother for some. On our site, users love the fact that engagement is silo’d when it needs to be and aggregated when it should be. Hope this helps.

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