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Re: Groups Issue



I am on the Beta version.

Loking through the emails, I was promoted on all the groups I was a member of at the time but looking at the groups now I am no longer a member.

I have an admin acc and a personal account and both users promoted in certain groups. My girlfriend also has a profile set up and she got the same mails so I am not sure how many users have been promoted but are also no longer members.

Ran a db check and there were a lot of errors all of them “clients are using or haven’t closed the table properly” – not sure what it means but it came up as a “warning”

Looking at the DB tables itself….in “groupmembers” users are still member of groups however they are banned…there is a “1” in the “is banned” field.

I am still lost but I am thinking this is more of a hack than bp issue….thoughts?

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