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Re: Groups Privacy behaviour



mmm… none of the above… and I’ve done some further research and discovered more clearly what the behaviour is.
To start, this is what I am looking to achieve:

– If a user is NOT a member of a hidden group then it is hidden and they do not know it exists at all.
– if a user IS a member of a hidden group then it comes up on the group widget list as visible.
– all other current behaviour stays the same i.e. public (full access) private (can be seen but not entered).

Now… what I have now found is that the group list pages do exactly what I expect, but the group widget behaves differently.
The widget does NOT show hidden groups even if you ARE a member but does show private groups that you are NOT a member of.
Also what I have seen is that if I look at another members page the group widget appears to then show their groups not mine (this might be an admin ‘feature’ though)???

So if I have a 1000 groups and a user is member of 3 I do not want to display 1000… only 3 that are relevant to them.
For my application the users will not be able to register to be part of these set of groups as they relate to where they live.
If a user browses a friends page I do not want the group widget to then show the groups relating to the friend.

So it seems that the group widget is using some diffently coded filters than the group listing pages and this (to me) is not correct and is (possibly) a bug.

I hope that is a little clearer on the nature of the issue… can be a little difficult to explain these things in a posting without loads of illustration etc to demonstrate.

cheers and thanks for your input.

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