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Re: GroupWiki – Demo Site (Please provide feedback.Release imminent!)




Non-admin page creation works great! This is super simple an will encourage people to be more active! Small detail but great impact! I would suggest to move the create a wiki page box to the top.

Since there is a Group Wiki Directory Table that shows all pages, what is the benefit of having all pages listed on top? It looks kind of clunky and confusing?

I did a little mockup to clarify what i mean:

By the way the Group Wiki Directory Table seems to be a good starting point for a global Wiki Directory Page.

Great work! This plugin will become super useful especially if you use buddypress for students! Great first RC!

EDIT: I just looked at the mockup and saw that i added vertical-align: top instead of middle. Just if someone is wondering.

EDIT 2: @David: I can understand the benefit of showing all buttons on the editor, but i also know how confusing all these buttons are for avarage users. It’s easier for a tech user to press a button for advanced options instead of confusing avarage users with to many buttons. But sure, thats personal taste.

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