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Re: GroupWiki – Demo Site (Please provide feedback.Release imminent!)



Great work! I haven’t had the time for a detailed test, but i have some short feadback for the beginning:

1. Everything works fine and seems logical. Thats great. There could be some front-end twaeks, but i will come back later next week with some more detailed ideas and mockups.

2. From our experience it is great to have advanced edit functions but hide them in a second row from the avarage user (like the wordpress backend editor does). For a wiki article the user (students) should focus on the content instead of any fancy formating. Basic options could be a select-box for h1, h2, h3 (this is important and must be easy accessible, because it will build the toc and people should get used to it) bold, italic, url link, unordered list, and numberd list. Everything else could go in a second or third row which appears if you click some “advanced options” button.

3. (future release) A searchable wiki directory page with all public pages.

4. (future release) “Suggest a wiki page” button so that non admin-members could ask the admin to create a new wiki page for them.

5. (future release) non-admin wiki page creation

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