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Simon Dabkowski


Spent the past 3 months rebuilding from scratch in order to take advantage of the new BP.

Here are some new features:
1. New UI: collapse and dock widget boxes, combine some of the new jquery loading elements that came with BP 1.2., added in some of my own jquery for the nav and user navs for both logged in and guest users.
1. Events: I decided to build my own CMS system for events that’s not dependent on BP. This will save me a lot of work in the future by not having to upgrade it with future releases of BP. All events still populate the user’s name, id, etc, however, submitted events are heald for moderation within my own CMS. I also added the ability of downloading both iCal and Outlook calendar files for every event. Finally, I made use of Bing’s new API to render the location of each event.
3. Shuttle: The city of Hoboken introduced The Hop, a shuttle that runs through the city. With the help of our intern Alex Delgado, we’re not only showing an up-to-date location of the shuttle visually on a map but we’re also able to do reverse gecoding by echoing out its cross-street location.
4. I’m currently tracking the progress of BP Album and plan on intergrading it to the site soon.

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