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Re: Header image on network site

I am having the same issue as AWeathers: I have WP 3.01 & BP 1.2.6 – I have various sites running successfully as subdirectories from my main site, but when I try to have BP default theme activated on a new subdirectory site, while it works seemingly perfectly the header image displays the main site title instead of the community site I am trying to create. If I add: define ( ‘BP_ROOT_BLOG’, 3 ); to wp-config.php it fixes it up but then places my main site as a “secondary” site to the community site and “sees” it as just another blog. (edit: the other sites continue working fine though)

Ray you point out the default is not meant as a network wide theme, but if you create a child theme of the default you can have the same theme across all blogs – I do not want this, only on the community site alone, with all my other sites having their unique themes. Is this at all possible?

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