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Re: Help! 2nd Full system crash in two days!

Jeff Sayre


I will say that I have elected to delete some lines of code to remove some functions in the core files but they aren’t super critical, in my opinion.

Okay, as I’m sure you know, this type of sentence scares all of us who try to offer support. ;)

The real question is this:

If you boil everything down to the lowest, common denominator (LCD), does everything work. This means using BuddyPress without any core mods, using the default themes, and not running any other plugins in WPMU except BuddyPress.

If everything works, then this is an issue caused by something you are doing. If you still have this problem, then you need to talk with your hosting firm or system admin (if you are in a business/institutional setting) because it could have something to do with your server setup (DB server maybe).

But, if everything works as it should when you’ve distilled the WPMU/BuddyPress install down to the LCD, then it clearly is something you’re doing. It could be your core hacking, the single-sign-on coding, a 3rd-party plugin conflict, any combination of changes. You need to go back to the bare bones foundation and then start adding stuff back, implementing your changes one at a time and throughly test in between each new change.

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