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Re: Help for What’s New Textareas Autofill Text

Better done with a little jQuery snippet than packing out the markup with scripting bloat, you can fairly easily run a focus /blur event handler checking for a value of ‘value’ and flip flopping the removal or replacement of any string in .value, the element then requires a class token of some description for jQuery to hook onto and whatever string for the value of an input or textarea you choose ; only problem with BP is the use of Ajax as the page does not refresh after submission and you have to wait for a page refresh before the placeholder text is presented again.

Actually the use of the placeholder attribute introduced with html5 is the better way to proceed as it’s designed to avoid any possibility of that text getting unwittingly submitted along with genuine text, most Modern browsers support this attribute however BP appears to be messing it up somehow? not really sure what BP is doing but an examination of the two main JS files is probably required.

P.S always use lowercase JS attributes rather than camelCasing them as that strictly speaking fails validation

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