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Re: Help Getting Started

Jonathan Montubig


I also have the same problem as u Ky, but Im running it on a local server. I also check my email account and there are no whatsoever emails from bp after I finished filling up the form in the registration, do we need to run bp online to test it, although there is an online demo, i need to check it b4 doing it on an actual online site?? BTW, It also shows up in my dashboard’s users.

Also, I wanted to ask if BP needs to have MU enabled?? Im using it in wordpress 3 (they say it has MU in it also) and buddypress.1.2.5.
I tried using Buddypress on wordpress 3 (wwithout enabling mu) and it works fine and the only prob was that the registration doesn’t work the way it did like when I register here at BP forum.

I hope someone can help us with the problem. Thanks to u all.. ^_^V
Really sorry if this is a super newbie question..

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