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Re: Help, I\'ve installed the latest Buddypress…

Jeff Sayre


I have not seen this particular issue reported.

Above you state that:

I’ve attempted to one by one remove plugins and add them back I’ve even tried deactivating bp and reuploading it…

It’s not clear whether you actually had all 3rd-party plugins deactivated when you were attempting to troubleshoot this issue. Just to be clear, you need to switch to the BP default theme and deactivate ALL plugins (other than BuddyPress). This means all WPMU plugins and any BP-dependent 3rd-party plugins should be deactivated.

You want to distill your install environment down to the lowest common denominator. If your setup then works without issue, you add back one plugin at a time, test, and continue that process until the issue occurs again.

Sometimes this is not sufficient, though, and you may actually have to remove all the deactivated plugins from your install. You can back them up into a temporary folder and then delete them from the /plugins/ directory (and /mu-plugins/ if you have any there).

Finally, check your server’s error logs to see if there are ANY errors being reported.

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