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Re: Help needed developing DP-Achievements plugin

Burt Adsit


You know I was thinking about this another way Paul. New users need some handholding and encouragement. Perhaps you can detect that a group of users hasn’t met any of those criteria and do something to help things along.

Stick them in a group that others can pay attention to. Everyone knows that forum questions coming from that group should be cut some slack and patiently answered. New users may not feel comfortable asking questions in the main forums/groups. Questions that anyone has in a new environment. We still feel dumb asking them. I don’t feel quite as stupid if everyone in a particular group is as dumb as I am.

New users are eager to share their experience, even if limited, with others. It’s a group of people who fit together.

A ‘Welcome’ group they can graduate from by participating there. It’s 4am here. This might actually sound stupid after a couple of hours sleep. Ah, well. Too late to care.

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