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Re: Help needed developing DP-Achievements plugin



I’ve got a ‘weird’ idea that may apply, though it will probably be very specific to my business model.

For me, one thing I was thinking about was having members perform certain tasks such as 50 blog posts, 100 replies to threads, 20 blog posts that are rated ‘thumbs up’ by at least 20 other members, prior to being able to have a ‘custom theme’ in wordpress.

On the reverse side we could have a warning system, where if a person’s articles are marked ‘thumbs down’ by say 50 diff users that they are then warned about loosing custom themes etc…. encourages members to write ‘good’ posts in their blogs.

Another idea is how many of their posts are ‘featured’ on the main blog where they could then receive other yet to be determined bonuses such as plugins. I don’t know that there is a way of letting the server admin actually choose posts from the blog network to ‘post’ to the ‘main home’ blog. I don’t want to use the site aggrigator, as there will be many blogs and posts such as family pics etc that have no business being ‘featured’ on my main blog.

finally, as I want to encourage my members to blog ‘quality’ stuff as often as possible, some type of achievement system for posting ‘x’ number of posts per week/month would lead to an award such as using a real domain name etc.

I know that the premium site has the ability to charge people to add features, and I do have the plugin for that, though untested so far. I was just thinking of adding an additional way for people that can’t afford to spend money to get their blogs ‘prettied up’ per say.

I’ve really been racking my brain silly for the past few months, trying to figure out how to properly encourage quality submissions on the blogs and to encourage frequent updates. I think your ‘achievements’ system is a great step toward that idea.

Like everyone else here, the last thing I want is a bunch of blogs on my network that are neither maintained or have ‘garbage’ content that has nothing to do with my sites primary focus. I really am trying to get people to blog in specific categories that mean something to the site and the search engines.

hope these ideas are pertinent

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