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Re: (HELP!) Notify group members of changes via email

Burt Adsit


Howdy. The option on the groups admin page ‘notify group members…’ should default to ‘no’ on page reload. I haven’t used it but it looks like what that option refers to are changes on that specific page only. New Group News! That kinda thing. It looks like the purpose is to give you the option each time you change something there to send out notifications if you choose to.

As I was looking in the code, at what that was supposed to do, I realized that it would never do that. No notifications could ever go out. Bug in the code.

At the moment that little option doesn’t do anything. I’ll post the problem in Trac. Hey you found a bug! We gotta start passing out little ‘flyswatter’ badges to people. Maybe “Have you swatted a bug today?” pins. :)

I know. Take your meds Burt.

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