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Re: Help!!! Only one blog, but all members posting like admins?

Mike Pratt


@burtadsit Great thread you pointed us to. I came away with the feeling that we can all achieve this objective without a ton of coding but I feel like we should flush out the concept 1st. Conceptually, I am trying to achieve what @feconroses is ….a community with a main central blog that they can post more in-depth pieces than you might find on a forum and then a bunch of groups centered on topics. In a perfect world, I could either give each group a “blog” to post things on or somehow associate tagged main blog posts to a particular group (thru categories maybe?) Bottom line is this: our community is looking for engagement. Not the ability to run their own blog inside a community. BP is clearly well suited but just needs a few tweaks to get there.

Oh, working on the bowling league plugin

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