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Re: Help, please: I don't understand Step Three

This aspect shouldn’t really have anything to do with PHP it’s a markup issue or markup and CSS in respect to matching class or id names, however I’m not familiar with the theme you reference.

I don’t care I just want it fixed… is this wrong??

Not wrong but one has to be careful of the tenor of ones comments/requests, obviously no one is under an obligation to help being that this is a volunteer support forum.

As per my previous suggestion have you tried opening the two files I suggested and comparing the structure? Looking at such elements as say

<div id=”content”> in the BP file and comparing that to your chosen themes file if they differ you need to adjust the BP file to match also look for other elements that may be in your chosen theme file but not present in the BP one. It’s this structure that you need to get to match for the BP files to work, it’s markup/ specific not PHP even though the files might be typed as .php

If this still proves too difficult or demands on your time not permitting (most of us have huge demands on our time ) then I suggest posting in the jobs board group for some hired help.

Lastly The theme Artisteer might just possibly create themes in a manner that is simply not possible to work into a BP theme or at least that presents additional difficulties over more static themes, that is speculation though but I would say that there are a fair few themes that would never work well with BP due to flaws in their construction.

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