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Re: help with custom theme breakage

“Another thing I want to point in general. If a theme has .fix or .clearfix all over it. Then run the other way”


Qualify that statement! :)

It’s somewhat misleading. In clearing floated elements it is necessary to employ a variety of techniques to accomplish this as each suites a different set of conditions met.

The .clearfix set of rulesets you refer to is a well worn and tested method , first devised by Tony Asslet over at CSSCreator, improved a tweaked by many of us over the years. It is , in certain circumstances, the best method to clearing floated containers.

What has me running a mile is seeing empty div elements with class=”clear” used to effect clearing as it’s both unnecessary and wrong to write empty elements and use them in this way, and it bores me to tears having to route through template files finding them all and deleting them with fury :)

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