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Re: Here come the spammers!!!

Jeff Sayre



This is a very nice summary of the problem. Thank you for providing the introduction to the various attack vectors spammers currently use.

I would argue, as you know, that WP / BP also needs to combat registration spam–even though it is the hardest issue to address. There area a number of members that are looking for a solution, however imperfect, that will noticeably reduce spam signups. If a person is infected with a small viral load, the resulting illness often will not be as severe as if they had received a large dose of invading organisms. The same can be said with website spam signups. Any reduction is better than none.

But, as this is your thread and I do not want to take your thread off topic (or have others do what I just did ;) ), I will ask that we table that discussion for another thread at another time and focus in this thread on solutions to combating spam once a spam account has successfully registered.

Once again, this is a great start to the conversation.

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