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Re: Hey Paul Thanks For Proving My Points

<snip>I’m worried that BP won’t be around long term

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be? I think the issue is moving BP forward at a pace and in a direction that is felt correct and to start addressing issues raised about the core with each milestone reached and this is happening. As I said in my last paragraph above I don’t consider BP a fully mature App yet but it’s young, and like any project to some degree you don’t really know some of it’s short comings until people like yourself do start using it in earnest and providing / feeding back real world experience.

<snip>This is nothing short of a hobby site, or at the very least is run as such

I think the criticism unjustified, at least as applied to this actual dev site, to the project as a whole, possibly until that is people like yourself start using the app for sites that are more than hobby projects. As for the core team are presently attempting to correct and improve the site.

I think the point has been raised that long rambling threads that simply point out issues or that seem to simply moan are not constructive BUT from time to time they have there uses such as the now infamous “Is BP dying thread” that thread helped raise issues that were of concern and that are now being addressed.

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