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Re: Hey Paul Thanks For Proving My Points

Alan in fairness Paul locked the thread for the reason that it was coming across as simply confrontational, as was suggested writing in a less confrontational manner – those bullet points were somewhat closed statements – might engender a better response form people. I note your concerns and I have shared them too an extent but to actually try and keep things on track we have to try and be positive. At the moment long winded threads that just go round and round endlessly are not what the community needs – it’s not censorship just concern to keep a positive spin on things, raise issues by all means but lets try and have possible solutions at hand as well.

One last point worth considering; BP is a relatively young project and still finding it’s feet, I remember well how long WP actually took to become what you might consider mature and stable, certainly theming with WP was not a huge amount of fun for many years. BP is in many ways ahead of WP in those terms.

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