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Re: How can I filter to show registered BUT unconfrimed Users?



Hey @techguy, I dropped some of the users that showed up in the query (not having validated) from the wp_users table, but then I noticed that there was a couple discrepencies with the user numbers on the user admin… so I did some checking and noticed that their user_id was also in the users_meta and xprofile_data… so I cleared there particular user_ids from those tables… and everything went back to “normal”….

So I learned a good lesson here…find them with the query above (which works perfect) and then pull them from the the back_end of wordpress so all the related table data gets cleared….

Everything is working fine now… but I’m slightly worried that I messed something up because those particular data was cleared. Thoughts?

I backed everything up yesterday (but not before I pulled the data 3 hours ago)… another lesson there.

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